OUR LADY OF SNOWS – PRAY FOR US | புனித தஸ்நேவிஸ் மாதாவே - எங்களுக்காக வேண்டிகொள்ளுங்கள்

According to Tradition St. Thomas, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, had journeyed East and arrived on the South West of India. He established seven churches. One is in Thiruvithancode which is 15 k.m., away from Kottar. Finally he went to Mylapore (Madras). Wherein he introduced Christianity and its tradition in Mylapore and its suburbs. He was martyred at St.Thomas Mount near Mylapore in 72 A.D. and his remains were buried at Mylapore in the sepulcher which lies in the Santhome Basilica, Madras.